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Bell's Strawberry Farm


"We Farm So You Can Eat"

2006 Indiana Farm Family of the Year 


Ed - George - Nonalee - Nellie - Debbie Bell

    The Bells have been raising juicy strawberries in Hagerstown, Indiana since 1985.  The Bells take pride in producing some of the finest berries in the Hoosier State.

Celebrating Forty Years of Farming 1969 - 2009

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Their berries are created from a recipe of rich clay loam soil, God's rain, sunshine, hard work and fresh deep well water.        

  1 Corinthians 3:7   So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.


Learn How to Pick Strawberries

Picking Strawberries is easily enjoyed by both young and old.




 The Bells have worked hard to take the hard work out of enjoying Indiana berries. 


Parking is provided close to the fields. There are lots of big shade trees and a swing set in the yard for kids. It is not uncommon for some folks to bring a picnic basket and make their berry picking a day long family outing. 

The Bells will provide you with containers to pick in so there is no need to bring a thing except for the anticipation of having a "berry" good time.


Have no fear if your knowledge of strawberries is limited to eating them.  The Bells are always willing to take time and share picking techniques, tips on how to make berries keep longer and preserve them.  Be sure to ask Debbie to share her favorite recipes too.

We cultivate both the soil and people.

Learn How to Make Jam

So whether you plan to pick several flats or a single quart.  Whether come for the day or just stop in to purchase a box of berries that are already picked.  Ed and Debbie Bell will welcome you to their family farm with the finest quality and healthiest strawberries possible.  


Some "Berry" Happy Customers

Children are welcome but NO pets Please!

You must have shoes to pick in the fields.

Help us keep the fields clean.

Please leave only your foot prints.


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8 am to 7 pm    Monday - Saturday

Closed Sundays

    We accept cash and personal checks but sorry no credit cards

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Growing up a crop of customers.

Sarah's parents started bringing her to Bell's Strawberry Farm to pick berries as soon as she was old enough to walk. Sarah (age twenty) says "I have picked strawberries at Bell's all of my life".

At Age One Hundred You get to take home all of your strawberries for Free.

We call it "The the Century Discount"


More "Berry" Happy Customers

Pick 100 pounds of strawberries and get a free Amish pie!


We offer a fine selection of Strawberry related items too.

Welcome to Bell’s Strawberry Farm.

                Our farm has been in our family since 1969. Presently the farm is owned by Ed, Debbie and Nellie Bell. We have been raising strawberries since 1985.

Ed has lived on this farm since he was seven years old. Ed is a graduate of Hagerstown High School, and Purdue University’s Agricultural Short course. Ed manages and operates all of the farming enterprises. Ed uses a standing wheelchair and an electric scooter because of a spinal cord injury which he received in 1982. Ed also works part time as a professional public speaker and as a consultant for the Standing Wheelchair Company.

Debbie was raised as a city girl in Indianapolis. Debbie married Ed in 1983 and moved onto the farm. Debbie is involved a great deal with the farming operation, primarily with sales. In addition to being a mother and farm wife, Debbie is a part time emergency room RN at a hospital in Indianapolis.

Nellie is a full time farm kid. She enjoys exploring God’s creation, helping out with chores. Nellie is home shooled and she enjoys, 4H cake decorating, showing dogs, and playing piano. Additionally, Nellie is active in church and FFA.

The farmhouse that we live in was built in 1996. We call our home “Beracha” which is a Hebrew word for “praise” from a Bible story located in 1st Chronicles chapter 20. The original family farmhouse burnt in 1995 and was located on the same sight. The old house was built in the 1820s. It was a two-story log cabin. Ask the Bells to show you some of the salvaged hand hewed logs.

Our family has been no stranger to hardships. It is our belief that adversity and a trust in God, is what makes agricultural people like us so strong. It is also our belief that we are just God’s stewards of this farm and the land; consequently the strawberries that our family raises for your family are just part of our mission. As stewards we feel it is our duty to grow the best tasting, highest quality affordable, strawberries the safest way we know how for your family, all while providing a sustainable income for our own family.

Our farm is 72 acres in size. We raise strawberries and asparagus. Depending on the time of your visit we may have a litter or two of AKC Doberman puppies too. The strawberries that we raise are grown in a well-drained clay loam soil. They are irrigated from well water that lies trapped in a gravel aquifer forty feet below the surface. We plant our strawberries a year before they are harvested. The first year we pick off each and every bloom by hand to assure that the next year’s crop will be of good quality and quantity. All of our cultivation is safely practiced because in addition to eating our own berries, our family also lives on the same soil and drinks the same water as the strawberries.

    Are We Organic?

    We do use some chemicals but only on a limited basis. We are low input and we use integrated pest management practices. Your family will have a much greater chemical exposure if you eat food from a big box store, if you visit someone that uses a lawn care service or if you play golf on a golf course. Stewardship of the environment is a primary concern for us as our family not only eats our strawberries but we also live on this land and drink its water therefore, safety and health is very important to us. Come visit my farm and take notice of the weeds and insect populations in my fields. You know that if my fields are healthy enough for these minor pests then logic tells that my fields are healthy enough for you and me. We believe there is a safe balance. As an example, the cotenant of Africa is in general is largely organic in there agricultural practices yet there are fewer places on earth that have more poor health, contamination, short life spans and starvation.

We hope that you enjoy our strawberries as much as we enjoy providing them for you. If you have any questions or comments about our strawberries or our farm please take the time to ask Ed, Debbie or Nellie. It is our policy that it is “people over program”.

We would like to thank you for “Picking” our farm to raise your strawberries.

 Ed, Debbie and Nellie Bell

16447 St. Rd. 38

Hagerstown, IN 47346


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765-489-6136 Fax

Relay 711



It is easy to find us.

We are located one mile west of Hagerstown on State Road 38.

Half way between Indianapolis Indiana and Dayton Ohio.

Exit Interstate 70 at the State Road 1, Hagerstown / Cambridge City Exit. From Interstate 70 take State Road 1 north about five miles to the first flashing four way stop. Turn west (left) and go through Hagerstown. From the western edge of Hagerstown go exactly one mile. Watch for the strawberry signs (in season). Our drive way is on the south side of the State Road 38.



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Enter in

16447 State Road 38,

Hagerstown IN 47346

As the arrival destination

Just 1106 miles from Wall Drug South Dakota


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George, Nellie, and Ed Bell.

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